Mobile Advertising Platform

Pudding Media's Advertising Platform

The Pudding Media's Mobile Advertising Platform is a proven end-to-end carrier grade platform that was designed from the ground up to serve the needs of the carrier.

Modular Platform

  • Web-based Campaign Management enables the carrier's ad operations and partnering agencies to plan, book, manage and track campaigns.
  • Network Element Connectors allow unobtrusive collection of profile data and insertion of ads using the network devices.
  • IT Connectors interface to the carrier's CRM and billing systems to enable ad-funded calling plans.
  • Inventory Management. Enables the operator to segment the inventory into categories, forecast inventory availability vs. booked inventory and optimize inventory price based on availability.
  • Reporting. Generates detailed reports on ad delivery, ad performance, frequency reports.
  • Subscriber Rewarding. Enables the carrier to introduce flexible ad-funded plans by rewarding opted-in subscribers with free airtime, text messages, content and downloads based on their exposure to ads.
  • Subscriber Self-Service Portal allows subscribers to opt-in and out of the advertising service and respond to online surveys that capture the subscriber's demographics, lifestyle and interest profile.

Deployment Flexibility

Pudding Media offers choice between two deployment models:

  • Fully managed solution. The service is hosted and managed by Pudding Media
  • In-Network deployment. The platform is deployed at the carrier's data center. The platform may be managed by the carrier or by Pudding Media's staff.