Pudding Media Sponsors UNICEF “Tune in to Me” Campaign

Singapore - Nov. 25, 2009Pudding Media, is proud to participate in promoting the recent United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) “Tune in to Me,” campaign. Pudding Media, and its partner Maxis Communications Berhard, Malaysia’s largest mobile operator, joined forces with UNICEF in their efforts to raise awareness for the right of children to be heard. The campaign culminated on the 20th November ’09 in a day- long event with children presenting radio and T.V programming throughout the day. Taking advantage of the mass-reach power of the mobile medium, Pudding Media lent its support by sponsoring publicity for the initiative using SMS advertising.

The pro- bono mobile ad campaign was a resounding success. Pudding Media opened a dialogue with Maxis mobile subscribers on the vital issue of children’s rights in the days leading up to the event as well as encouraging them to tune in and listen to the children on the day itself.

Ads run on Pudding media’s mobile ad network were placed, un-intrusively, in missed call notification SMS messages, leading recipients to the “Tune in to Me” website to learn more about the child’s right to a voice. These ads were followed up by tune-in reminders on the day of the event, to further boost ratings for the participating programs.

Ariel Maislos, Pudding Media’s Founder and CEO states: “We were delighted to sponsor the mobile advertising campaign and be a part of this worthy cause. UNICEF found the perfect partners in Pudding Media and Maxis. Our ability to reach millions of Mobile subscribers instantly, through their mobile phones, and to generate a buzz via engaging interactive SMS messages allowed us to capture the attention of the public in an intriguing and novel way, and further promote the crucial issue of children’s rights.”

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