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    Travel to Maldives Resorts 

    The Maldives is one of the world’s top resorts for scuba diving. They have many lagoons with many diving spots. The average temperature all year around is 85 Fahrenheit. Maldives marine life is full of coral, whale sharks, and mantes. Here is some information about Maldives: -Language spoken is Divehi. But almost all resorts, hotels, shops are English speakers. -Population 314,000 -Capital city is Mali; Where are the maldives? -Small Islands located in the Indian Ocean

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    Holiday in Maldives 

    A holiday in Maldives is best when enjoyed from the comfort of a liveaboard diving ship. A liveaboard diving holiday in Maldives is great because you can cover far more area on a boat than when you have to return to a resort each night. Liveaboard diving holidays include other activities as well as scuba diving, such as fishing, snorkeling, visiting island communities, beach parties and shopping excursions. The Baa Atoll in the Maldives is a great diving destination for a holiday in Maldives thanks to its many varied dive sites and also the high probabilities of spotting whale sharks. Dive sites in the Baa Atoll include Manta Point, Maavaru Kandu and Muthafushi Thila. There are many resorts whose dive centers take divers to the sites around the Baa Atoll, but the best way to enjoy this diving holiday in Maldives is by liveaboard.

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    Sharks in the Maldives. There are many different types of sharks in the Maldives which make it a very attractive scuba diving destination, especially since the types of sharks in the Maldives are generally considered to be non-agressive. For scuba divers, the most commonly sighted sharks in the Maldives are the grey reef shark and white tip reef shark. The whale shark, the largest fish in the world, is another special fish found in Maldives and is seen on the surface, making it a popular sight among both scuba divers and snorkelers. You can find out more about sharks in the Maldives at http://www.maldivesdivetravel.com.

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    Whale Sharks Maldives 

    Diving with whale sharks Maldives is difficult and unusual because most whale shark encounters happen on the surface, so snorkeling or swimming with whale sharks Maldives is a better way to look for whale sharks in the Maldives. Definitely the most sought after variety of Maldives sharks are the whale sharks. Because the abundance of whale sharks in Maldives is so well-known and Maldives whale sharks can be found throughout the year, the Maldives has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for swimming with whale sharks in Maldives. The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, reaching lengths of around 40 feet and incredibly, they are very docile and friendly creatures, posing no threat to scuba divers.

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    Holidays to the Maldives 

    Seeing as the weather Maldives is 1 of the main attractions in the area, its not strange that nearly all of the time is sunny with temperatures around twenty-seven & thirty-three degrees all through the time. Although it’s virtually continuously warm, the area is predisposed to extreme precipitation at a variety of times of the time. The wettest part of times that can be described as the Maldives winter, between Apr & October, & while visitors among this time may perhaps be subjected to amplified rainfall, it conventionally comes in momentary, heavy showers & it’s doubtful to hold for time, although this isn’t unheard of. The driest months of the time, & logically, the ideal time to dive & holidays to the Maldives is during Nov & March.

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    The Whale Shark 

    How should I behave when I swim with the whale shark Maldives? Whale sharks are remarkably calm creatures and swimming with them is an incredible and safe experience. Not to worry, nobody has ever been eaten by whale shark. Some people will talk of what happens when a diver in whale shark mouth and gets swallowed whole, and while this is probably technically possible, we can assure you it has never happened and is not something you should worry about! The Maldives weather boast one of the highest populations of whale sharks in the world and, thanks to the country’s climate, you can swim with whale shark in Maldives all year round.

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    Maldives Vacations 

    The Maldives islands are located in the Indian Ocean, roughly 250 miles south-west off the coast of India. On your perfect Maldives vacation you will discover an island formation consisting of 26 atolls stretching in a north-south plane; In fact, it is not uncommon to find yourself completely alone on a small island or sandbank around the Maldives. Along with liveaboard cruises and scuba diving Maldives vacations, island hopping is almost as popular, with travellers left amazed at the gorgeous Maldivian scenery. Not many people are aware that the Maldives vacation islands are in fact the protruding summits of a vast underwater mountain range, comprising of over 1190 islets! Found just north of the equator, in terms of location, vacations in Maldives are simply put, the epitome of a tropical paradise.

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    Manta Ray Habitat 

    People researching the manta rays of the Maldives weather have many questions about the appearance,habitat,diet of a manta ray, so we decided to put together a list of the most common questions people ask, to help people learn more about these amazing animals.
    Where Does a Manta Ray Live? Manta rays can be found throughout tropical waters around the world, especially in areas close to coral reefs. The manta ray habitat can be varied, as long as there is an abundance of plankton on which the manta can feed.
    The manta ray appearance is absolutely fascinating and, apart from other rays, it is unlike any other animal in the world.

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    Maldives Weather in January 

    The weather in Maldives in January is in the early stages of the dry monsoon. This means plenty of sunshine, pleasantly warm temperatures and a whole lot of sunshine.
    The average monthly rainfall in January stands at 75 millimetres with the humidity around the 80% mark. And although the Maldives weather can bring rain showers at any time in the tropical islands, the average amount of rainy days is an incredible 2 days in the month of January!
    The Maldives weather forecast for January shows a daily average temperature of 27 degrees celcius. These delightful climate conditions, coupled with 9 hours of sunshine a day, and the water temperature at around 28 degrees, guarantees blissful conditions for cruises or scuba diving trips in the Maldives.
    As far as weather conditions in the Maldives are concerned, January is one of the ideal months to visit the Maldives;
    brilliant weather coupled with the benefits of a tropical paradise, a guarantee for happy holidays!

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    Weather in Maldives 

    One of the biggest attractions for visitors to maldives diving is the amazing weather. Generally speaking, Maldives weather is warm and sunny throughout the year. Weather in the Maldives is tropical, with around 7 or 8 hours of sunshine every day and average daily temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. During the year, there are variations in the weather conditions in Maldives, so it’s a good idea to check out the Maldives weather forecast for when you want to visit before booking your Maldives holiday.

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