What is Teeth Bleaching? 

Ever asked yourself “what is teeth bleaching?” as the name suggests is the process of brightening teeth or whitening teeth using a bleaching gel. With age or with excessive usage of alcohol, nicotine, red-coloured liquids results in the darkening of our naturally white teeth and this is where dental bleaching comes into the picture. Teeth bleaching is a non-inclusive procedure and can be easily undertaken.

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Bleaching teeth is only effective in the case of natural teeth and does not work on crowns, implants, dentures, etc. the process of teeth whitening is conducted using a bleaching gel which has active oxygen. This component dissolves the colouring agents present on the surface of the teeth and results in the whitening of the teeth. The process of brightening teeth begins with the application of a rubber compound to the gums prevent any abrasions. Next the bleaching gel is applied to the teeth for a defined exposure period, which results in visible teeth whitening. A professional dental bleaching should be done every alternate year, depending on personal dental habits and the extent of professional dental help that the teeth are exposed to.