Tooth Number

The four incisors have a designated tooth number; in either jaw are present the canines, one on each side of the incisor group. These are useful for tearing into the food. You could have noticed that people use these canines to tear into meat and other materials that require to be torn before they can be chewed. Following the canines are the pre-molars which are present before the molars and initiate the chewing process. After the pre-molars there are a total of twelve molars in the lower and upper jaw that help to grind the food. The third molar tooth is also called the wisdom tooth and erupts much later, roughly when a person reaches adult hood between 16 and 25 years of age. Tooth Numbers. Tooth numbers and tooth numbering is relatively easy to understand. The arrangement of teeth in the jaws is symmetric from the centre. Hence, teeth are usually identified and numbered in pairs.

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