About Wisdom Teeth

Removing about wisdom teeth is a common practice across the world. They are usually extracted when they have become impacted; that is they are angled or not completely formed or if they pose to be problematic if not extracted. For example, wisdom teeth may be completely encased in the jaw bone as in bony impaction or might still be trapped under the gums as is the case in soft impaction. In both these cases, they could lead to a number of problems later on. Some cysts and tumors may also form around the wisdom teeth in many cases. This adds to the complications. In other cases, any debris or food particle present near the site of wisdom tooth eruption could lead to infections and medical complications. The other reason for removing wisdom teeth is the fact that they rub with the cheek and tongue increasing pain. Malocclusion is a condition which results due to over crowding of teeth in the jaw. This condition is also commonly caused when the wisdom teeth erupt. After wisdom teeth removal.

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