Tooth Picture

Check the tooth picture – there are a total of four incisor teeth in each jaw. The first incisor on each side of the median line is called the central incisor and the one next to it is called the lateral incisor. These two teeth are present on either sides of the median line and hence together sum up to eight incisor teeth in both jaws. After the incisors, a canine tooth is present one on each side in both jaws. Hence, there are a total of four canines in the human dental arrangement. After the canine, the first pre-molar tooth is present. The tooth present after the first pre-molar is called the second pre-molar. There are a total of eight pre-molars in both jaws. The first and second molar teeth follow the pre-molars on either sides of the jaw. After the second molar is the third molar also called the wisdom tooth. In total, there are twelve molars in the teeth.

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