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    Evidence-Based Medicine 

    The Goal of Evidence-Based Medicine?: Interdisciplinary, Sustainable Research. EBM places great importance on interdisciplinary research, where medical researchers team up with experts in biology, mathematics, statistics and other areas to create studies that fulfill international best-practice standards. Studies should only be published if they can withhold rigorous independent review that checks the sustainability and solidity of the applied research methods. That way, doctors are prevented from undertaking irrelevant, low-grade studies without seeking external advice and having sufficient knowledge of international guidelines. The Problem: Shoddy Research. Many medical scientists and doctors disregard the basic rules of reputable research, because they are put off by the comparatively complex methods of EBM or because they simply don’t know any better. An ethical approach according to EBM is often rejected because of a lack of money, motivation and time.As a consequence, most studies do not make the cut to be published in leading medical journals. Instead, they are published by one of the thousands of pseudo-scientific publications with lenient editorial policies. Check the dental forum for further information concerning this topic.

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    Maldives Holiday 

    Maldives holiday weather is pretty much consistent all year round. Balmy hot days coupled with blissfully warm nights; the average temperature in the Maldives fluctuates around the 27 degree C° (80 °F) mark, making it no surprise that the Maldives is such a coveted holiday location. The water temperature in Maldives is perfect for diving holidays – a popular destination for scuba divers, snorkelers, reef divers or simply tourists who want to bask in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. There are two primary seasons in the Maldives, the summer monsoon lasting from April to October (also known as the rainy season) and the winter monsoon, spanning from November until March. Being a tropical holiday location, the Maldives are prone to sudden rain showers lasting from hours up to days on end; however, it is dry for the most part.


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