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    Dental Dam – Rubber Dam 

    The use of a dental dam – rubber dam clamp has further benefits, such as preventing the accidental inhaling or swallowing of exterior objects or dental equipment. The procedure outlined below shows the use of a dental dam during an amalgam excavation procedure. As you can see, the membrane snaps up the majority of amalgam cuttings and the fine amalgum dust. This leaves the dentist free to devote his focus to the work area, without having to be concerned about the excess saliva and blood, as well as the patients tongue. The dental dam clamps come in a range of different types and styles; the latex membrane is also available in a wide range of colors! Read more about this in our dental forum.

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    Whale Sharks Maldives 

    Diving with whale sharks Maldives is difficult and unusual because most whale shark encounters happen on the surface, so snorkeling or swimming with whale sharks Maldives is a better way to look for whale sharks in the Maldives. Definitely the most sought after variety of Maldives sharks are the whale sharks. Because the abundance of whale sharks in Maldives is so well-known and Maldives whale sharks can be found throughout the year, the Maldives has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for swimming with whale sharks in Maldives. The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, reaching lengths of around 40 feet and incredibly, they are very docile and friendly creatures, posing no threat to scuba divers.

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    Holidays to the Maldives 

    Seeing as the weather Maldives is 1 of the main attractions in the area, its not strange that nearly all of the time is sunny with temperatures around twenty-seven & thirty-three degrees all through the time. Although it’s virtually continuously warm, the area is predisposed to extreme precipitation at a variety of times of the time. The wettest part of times that can be described as the Maldives winter, between Apr & October, & while visitors among this time may perhaps be subjected to amplified rainfall, it conventionally comes in momentary, heavy showers & it’s doubtful to hold for time, although this isn’t unheard of. The driest months of the time, & logically, the ideal time to dive & holidays to the Maldives is during Nov & March.


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