Maldives Weather in January

The weather in Maldives in January is in the early stages of the dry monsoon. This means plenty of sunshine, pleasantly warm temperatures and a whole lot of sunshine.
The average monthly rainfall in January stands at 75 millimetres with the humidity around the 80% mark. And although the Maldives weather can bring rain showers at any time in the tropical islands, the average amount of rainy days is an incredible 2 days in the month of January!
The Maldives weather forecast for January shows a daily average temperature of 27 degrees celcius. These delightful climate conditions, coupled with 9 hours of sunshine a day, and the water temperature at around 28 degrees, guarantees blissful conditions for cruises or scuba diving trips in the Maldives.
As far as weather conditions in the Maldives are concerned, January is one of the ideal months to visit the Maldives;
brilliant weather coupled with the benefits of a tropical paradise, a guarantee for happy holidays!

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